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There are 3 critical elements which are required for IIOT (Industry 4.0, etc.). The first is the ability to collect large amounts of data using condition monitoring sensors which are accurate and reliable. The second is the ability to transmit and store large amounts of data. The recent development of cloud computing now enable this. The third element was the ability to analyse the data and turn it into commercially valuable information. This last requirement requires Artificial Intelligence software. However, this remains in its infancy, albeit accelerating rapidly.

There is obvious concern that transmission of data wirelessly creates the potential for that data to be hacked. There is a widely held view that any wireless sensor or network can be hacked.  Cloud platforms now have levels of encryption which are improving continually. However, threat areas remain via the use of wireless monitoring sensors, since these have little or no threat prevention, indeed they tend to use common widely used communication protocols which are easily hacked (e.g. Zigbee).

Exertherm utilises hard wired thermal monitoring sensors for electrical equipment such as LV/MV switchgear, MCC, and transformers. The use of hard wired sensors is deliberate since it enable data collection and transfer to a network with zero cyber security risk.  Electrical infrastructure is one of, it most the, most critical of utilities any organisation uses, and it required by every industry. If power is lost then high downtime costs can be incurred, safety compromised, and significant repair / replacement costs spent.

Thus if sensor data can be accessed via the sensor hardware, it is much easier than trying to hack into encrypted and protected networks. If incorrect data is then sent into the network, it can result in power equipment being shut down because it is believed a failure is about to occur. The resulting downtime and operational costs can be significant.

A further benefit of hard wired condition monitoring sensors is the level of long term reliability they provide, which is not possible with the many wireless technologies. Exertherm provides a Lifetime Warranty / Zero maintenance guarantee. That is a very important point when you are installing sensors inside electrical enclosures that you do not want to open.

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