IIoT and Electrical Equipment Monitoring Benefits


In this podcast, Ross Kennedy, founder of Exertherm, discusses the Industrial Internet of Things with Tom Forquer, Account Manager at Turtle & Hughes. IIoT enables machines and sensors to send data to computers and control systems over secure networks, helping operators achieve unprecedented new efficiencies in production environments. This acceleration of IIOT means condition monitoring sensors are vital for future-proofing your equipment.

In this Podcast, Ross & Tom talk about how the pace of change in the electrical industry sometimes overtakes the ability of organizations that govern standards to initiate specification changes, meaning specifications inevitably become reactive rather than proactive. Listen to “The Power of Partnerships” presented by Turtle & Hughes

It’s important to focus attention on the benefits of monitoring as opposed to inspection, and accepting that this change is inevitable. The next most important decision to make is what sensor technology to apply, and it is extremely important that you consider the application when looking at what sensor technology to install.

IIoT is irreversibly changing the way equipment is operated and maintained. It connects the internet to electrical/mechanical infrastructure and process machinery to enable condition monitoring data to be acquired and transmitted to cloud-based platforms for subsequent analysis. So, what are the benefits of IIoT-based maintenance?

Benefits of IIoT-based maintenance for Electrical Infrastructure:

  • Early detection of fault symptoms
  • Producing trend data
  • Identifying best-performing equipment
  • Reducing Opex maintenance costs
  • Decreasing downtime via reduced failures and intrusive maintenance
  • Increasing the safety of personnel
  • Maximizing asset life and integrity

Exertherm helps bridge the gaps occurring between organizational strategy and the desire to implement new technology that can help bring change to day-to-day engineering operations and maintenance. We do this by simply helping customers understand how they can start with tactical implementation and installation of sensor technology.

Most major companies are already adopting a digitization strategy; as a result, there is a considerable risk that specifications that do not include the installation of condition monitoring sensors will automatically build in obsolescence to each piece of equipment built without them.

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