Alan Moug Appointed CEO to Accelerate Next Phase of Exertherm Growth


New York – QHI Group’s Board of Directors today announced the following leadership changes: Founder Ross Kennedy has decided to transition from his role as CEO and will continue as Founder and Chairman. Alan Moug has been named CEO of the company.

The Board also announced a change of trading entity names from QHi Group to Exertherm, recognising the expansion of product solutions and the dominance of Exertherm brand awareness within the market. These changes are effective immediately.

Ross Kennedy said: “As founder of Exertherm, I am so proud of this team and the incredible company that we have built over the last decade, and I’d like to thank our staff, customers, and partners for their continuing contribution to the Exertherm story. We have hundreds of thousands of sensors deployed worldwide, serving industry-leading companies in multiple verticals, and our business is in a strong position to take advantage of a fast-moving market. Now is the right time for me to take a more strategic role as Chairman and bring in a new CEO to drive the next stage of our growth. Alan and I have worked together over the last year, and I know the business is in very capable hands. I remain committed to driving the vision and long-term interests of Exertherm in my capacity as Chairman.”

Alan Moug said: “I would like to thank Ross for his passion in building the company over the past ten years. He is a purpose-driven leader who has built an agile business positioned for success in a dynamic industry. Exertherm has changed the way enterprises around the world protect their critical infrastructure, and I’m excited to lead our dedicated team as we expand to meet the accelerating demand for continuous monitoring solutions in an increasingly digital landscape. We have the right products at the right time and a talented and enthusiastic team; it’s great to be on board.”

The Exertherm brand has come to be recognised for value, innovation, and reliability. It is now an established name in the community, which partners and customers advocate and recommend. The change of trading entity name to Exertherm is designed to reinforce the core brand, simplify the customer experience, and better represent the company’s comprehensive offerings under one umbrella.

“The brand name Exertherm is synonymous with our company’s progressive approach and reflects our innovation, energy and approachability; therefore, we have formalised it as the trading name of all our trading companies to unify our messaging worldwide,” says Alan Moug.

About Exertherm

Exertherm is a Global specialist in 24x7 Thermal Monitoring of Electrical Infrastructure, with a history of excellence and innovation spanning over 30 years. Exertherm® 24x7 Thermal Monitoring collects real-time temperature data for your critical assets, delivering reduced downtime via predictive maintenance, enhanced safety, cost savings, efficiency, and the benefits of industrial IoT. Our unique suite of thermal monitoring IR and Cable sensors, Modbus Datacards, and panel-mounted HMIs, together with our LoadMap software, ensure scalability, accuracy, and reliability –we provide our clients across data centres, Energy, Oil and Gas, Finance, Utilities, Healthcare, Mining, Marine, and more with long term future proof solutions.

Exertherm’s technical expertise, comprehensive client list, and long-standing experience in the market are why the company is an award-winning and pioneering technology leader, advocating thermal monitoring as an integral part of industrial IOT electrical solutions.

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