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New York | 18 August 2021 - Today, the 2021 Power Systems and Products Top Tier Product Award Winner was announced as Exertherm® 24x7 MCC Thermal Condition Monitoring Solution by Mission Critical Magazine.

Mission Critical Magazine's Top Tier Products Awards recognizes manufacturing excellence in mission critical equipment that embraces safety, energy efficiency, and innovative solutions to ensure reliable uptime for the data centers of today and tomorrow.

Products have been judged by a panel of third-party industry experts who have volunteered their time to research the new technologies and share their findings with the magazine's readers.

According to one of the judges, what puts the product above the rest, is that Exertherm provides a unique solution to monitor thermal conditions of MCC buckets /drawers and gives the end user real time alarm information if there is an issue. Additionally, because the Exertherm MCC monitoring design criteria rejected wireless sensors due to the threat they pose from hacking, the solution was recognised for supporting reliability, performance, and cyber security requirements of mission-critical systems.

Exertherm build in intelligence to electrical system design and can be a key part of the move from annual thermal inspections (1% of uptime) to thermal condition monitoring (100% of uptime) crucial to data center infrastructure management (DCIM), engineering, and operations.

Exertherm® MCC Thermal Monitoring Overview

The MCC solution is specifically designed to thermally monitor the critical power joints within and at the rear of the MCC bucket/ drawer 24x7. These cannot normally be accessed for thermal imaging inspection without de-energising, resulting in downtime costs. Exertherm's solution has time and again proved the preferred choice for data centers and other industry leaders across the globe looking to ensure 100% uptime of their mission critical motor control centers.

Designed to detect compromised joints and activate warning level and high-level thermal alarms, Exertherm's MCC solution provides insight to joint condition and early warning of deterioration. In addition, it also successfully identifies and activates appropriate alarms for phase imbalance conditions.

The power connections of MCC buckets / drawers are globally recognised as a major area of operational downtime. This is partly due to the nature of the connections, being under variable loads daily, creating thermal dynamics which over time loosen joint connections. This is further increased where the bucket / drawer is removable, and the power connections are of a clamp style onto the vertical conductors.
The clamp springs are prone to weaken over time as a result of the MCC bucket / drawer removal or insertion. The use of Exertherm's monitoring solution which fits inside the bucket / drawer thus enables reduced risk of outages while increasing safety to personnel
and equipment.

USA Patent Granted to Exertherm®

Exertherm is also pleased to announce that the Low Voltage (LV) Motor Control Center (MCC) thermal monitoring solution was granted the USA patent, June of 2021. Recognised as innovative technology, the Exertherm MCC solution is OEM agnostic, suitable for new build specification, or retrofit to existing legacy equipment (both IEC & ANSI) and can be fitted quickly and simply into the MCC bucket / drawer.

Supplied in kit form with just 3 key components, the Exertherm solution can provide local and remote alarm notifications, can connect to any front-end software via Modbus comms, and for legacy equipment without comms provides a simple 3 color LED condition status light for panel front. This USA patent is in addition to the other patents granted / pending in other major markets.

This latest innovation from Exertherm cements its position as the global market leading specialist in thermal monitoring of electrical equipment, with its unrivalled levels of quality and reliability with a Lifetime Warranty on sensors; patented IR and Cable EM sensors and LoadMap low load monitoring.

About Exertherm®

Exertherm are a Global specialist in 24x7 Thermal Monitoring of Electrical Infrastructure, with a history of excellence and innovation spanning over 30 years. Exertherm® 24x7 Thermal Monitoring collects real-time temperature data for your critical assets, delivering reduced downtime via predictive maintenance, enhanced safety, cost savings, efficiency, and the benefits of industrial IOT. Our unique suite of thermal monitoring IR and Cable sensors, Modbus data cards, and panel-mounted HMIs, together with our LoadMap software, ensure scalability, accuracy, and reliability –we provide our clients across Data Centers, Energy, Oil & Gas, Finance, Utilities, Healthcare, Mining, Marine, Food Beverage, Logistics and more with long term future proof solutions.

Exertherm’s technical expertise, comprehensive client list, and long-standing experience in the market is why the company is an award-winning and pioneering technology leader, advocating the use of thermal monitoring as an integral part of industrial IOT electrical solutions.

For more information, please visit www.exertherm.com and follow us on LinkedIn